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Types of Seizures

Epilepsy is a condition characterized by seizures. Although individuals might share the same diagnosis of epilepsy, the types of seizures they experience may vary from person to person. This site will address these different types of seizures, how they are characterized, and how they are commonly treated.

Status Epilepticus - Management and Causes
What is status epilepticus and what is involved with status epilepticus management? It is a medical emergency where seizures cannot be stopped. The sooner the seizures are managed, the better the outcome in the individual will be.

Atonic Seizure
An atonic seizure results in a sudden loss of muscle tone and is characterized by a brief loss of consciousness.

Absence Seizure Basics
An absence seizure is a type of seizure that can be characterized by staring, rapid blinking, or repetitive eye and extremity movements. This is also referred to as a petit mal seizure.

Grand Mal Seizure
A grand mal seizure, or generalized tonic clonic seizure, is a type of seizure that can last a short period of time, but cause injury to a person.

Clonic is a stage in a grand mal seizure where the muscles repetitively jerk and relax. This is one of the stages of a tonic clonic seizure.

The tonic phase of a tonic clonic seizure occurs at the beginning of the seizure. It is characterized by the muscles of the body becoming stiff.

Petit Mal Seizure
A petit mal seizure is also known as an absence seizure. This definition will inform you about petit mal epilepsy and absence seizures.

Types of Seizures: Febrile Seizures In Children
A febrile seizure is one of the types of seizures. It typically occurs in young children and infants. Febrile seizures usually occur because of a recent spike in body temperature, or a fever. Learn more about this type of seizure.

Learn more about catamenial epilepsy.

What Is An Absence Seizure?
An absence seizure, also known as a petit mal seizure, is characterized by a brief loss of consciousness. This article will tell you the common symptoms and treatments of an absence seizure.

Tonic Clonic Seizures
Tonic clonic seizures are a type of seizure that is characterized by a loss of consciousness and muscle contractions.

Temporal Lobe Seizures
A temporal lobe seizure is characterized by a temporary disturbance in movement and emotions. This site will tell you the symptoms, treatments, and how temporal lobe seizures are diagnosed.

Partial Focal Seizures
Partial focal seizures are a type of seizure that is characterized by contractions in one area of the body. During one of these seizures, you may or may not lose consciousness.

Febrile Seizures
Febrile seizures occur when body temperature suddenly spikes in young children. This site tells you which children are more susceptible, how febrile seizures are treated, and what to expect.

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