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Driving and Epilepsy

Driving and Epilepsy

Independence is a major issue for adults living with epilepsy. The ability to drive is a big part of that independence. When your epilepsy is uncontrolled, driving can place you, your passengers and others on the road in danger. However if your seizures have been controlled for the length of time required by your state, driving can offer freedom, help you gain financial independence, and the make it easier to have a social life. 

    Epilepsy & Seizures Spotlight10

    Lemonade for Livy

    Hailey and Livy Scheinman, pictured here, have started a brand new epilepsy awareness effort and it is spreading across the US. The 9 year old twins, with a little help from mom and dad, have kicked off "Lemonade for Livy," to raise funds which will go to the Epilepsy Foundation to support epilepsy research.

    Febrile Seizures

    Every parent knows the feeling of sick worry when a child runs a fever. But when that fever spikes to fast and too hot children can run the risk of a febrile seizure. These seizures can occur at any point in childhood, though they tend to occur in children between six months and five years of age.

    Absence Seizures

    When a loved one experiences an absence seizure, the person is not fully conscious. You will find your loved one is not aware of their surroundings or their movements throughout the seizure. After the seizure has occurred, your loved one will abruptly resume consciousness.

    Status Epilepticus

    Most seizures may last up to a few minutes. In some rare instances, they may last longer and may, in fact, appear not to stop at all. This is referred to as status epilepticus.

    RNS System

    The RNS System, manufactured by NeuroPace Inc., is a responsive stimulation device that is implanted in the skull along with brain electrodes to detect abnormal electrical activity in the brain associated with seizures. This pacemaker-like implant offers hope to those living with intractable epilepsy.

    Epilepsy Apps

    Mobile apps are changing the way we manage our healthcare. This is especially true when it comes to epilepsy and seizures. Apps can keep a record of daily seizure activity, help manage appointments, provide information on first aid, detect seizure activity and even provide reminders to stay on track with medications.

    When to ditch your doc

    Sometimes you gotta be like Trump and tell 'em, "Your Fired."

    Epilepsy Task Force

    I recently attended a public hearing held by the NJ State Task Force on Epilepsy. The meeting got me thinking about how many other states might have similar groups working to support people with epilepsy.

    Talking about epilepsy

    Have you ever considered telling someone about your epilepsy but you weren’t quite sure how to broach the subject?

    Sunlight and Epilepsy

    Summer is a wonderful time of year to enjoy the sunshine. However for those of us with epilepsy, the sun can be a blessing and a curse.

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